Good « mourning » – K. B

Good mourning

As the joys of peaceful sleep fade away,
A new day came.

Who will be my ally,
Who will be my foe?

The wind is stuttering
And I am hungry again.

Will I have breakfast?
Or will I fast till noon,
Or worse, till midnight?

Yesterday was a pain
Under the mental pounding
Of a friend.

I could feel the hate
From the city,

A dark and wild matter
Taking shapes of various
Monsters assaulting me.

I went through the cold
City looking for food
Until disgusted,
I cursed mankind
In my mind while lying
On my back to recover.

Images of chicken trampling
On eachother and fighting
Eachother crossed my mind
While I was begging for
A merciful end of day.

Finally got up,
Smoked a joint,
Ordered asian
Rice with chicken
And veggies…
Went to sleep like
A king,
But today,
Is an orgy of rain
And pale skies,
Bad moods
Battered by the
Ever lasting storm.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.