Slam : how ’bout a change? – K. B

How ’bout a change?
Dark alleys at night,
Knives pulled
And light streetwear.

Heads bumping to the
Whistling when girls go by ;

Commentaries fuse and flow,
This is a pack of hungry hounds.
Sex, money, rock’n roll,
Weed passing by.

Newly wed too,
We’re looking for a fix
A handbag to snap at
And buy more bottles.

There are No fancy butlers
Taking a share,
Alternating piss and smoke,
Talks go about real hip hop,
Unknown sounds,
And fewly viewed videos.

No mainstream
Around here,
Only cashflow
And a hidden life
By the moonless sky.

When it gets cold
We start shivering
And confession
Comes more easy.

We Ain’t in the mass
But please, the mic,
Pass, pass!

We’re a forgotten youth,
Social services didn’t show
Up as we thought they would.

Doctors gave us a weak life
Expectancy, we don’t expect
Anything, coz anything
Is at our expense.

Last time we were sharing
Love, now we’re hating.
We heard of Ma Sy
Dying in a sigh.

Our schools are closed
Coz a dude got shot nearby,
We pull a puff and
Pull our cards too
Coz We’re a losing hand.

Ain’t no silver spoon
Sticking by,
A choir of sirens
Takes us home,
Another day is
On the run…

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.