Eternal sadness of the world – K. B

Eternal sadness of the world



The sun has gone,
The abundant chagrin
Puts a spell on my heart,
While the sipping junkie
Is home figuring his thoughts

In the far, I can see the ruins of my home
Smoking mom and tired dad,
I left.

I left on a bench downtown,
I wish I could take hold of a burning
Star so it irrigates me and my tired limbs
With energy and power flowing at the right
Pace in space…

Long days, long nights, a faint desperation,
A despair for the future…
Making plans wasn’t enough,
Taking the city by storm with
Fervent books
Born from fever,
The jail keeper shows me the
Door back to my cell,
Lights are out.

K. B


All rights reserved. 2020.