For the love of a woman – K. B

For the love of a woman


There is a woman down here
With a tough temperament
And who saves my ass
Each time.

She is a fountain of kindness,
A storm of anger,
A woman of principle,
An active contributor
To society.

She is my mother
Who likes to keep an eye
On me,
Who sprang hate in my heart
And desire to love women
Like they should be loved :

I often sacrifice my flame
To please her,
She carries a heavy load,
I try not to sadden

Often misunderstood,
I doubt her loyalty easily
Only to trust her more.

One day we fight,
The other she buys
Presents to redeem
Herself in our eyes
Although she never

Secret love is mute
And untouchable
Between us,
She is my sickness
And my cure.

Most of the time,
She is a protection against
The ugly world :
Lowly vengeful
And strict.

She is narrow
But I embrace her
In my conscience
At night.

The world refuses
My good intentions,
A foe in every corner
But in her arms
There is only forgiveness.

And that’s my door to Heaven,
Under her feet and lion bites,
Forever a cub even if I conquer
The highest mountains.

So be it with mammacita.

K. B


All rights reserved. 2020.