Mystery of Love – K. B

Mystery of Love



Dark crows bark at my door
But the door is closed.
Anyone with a torch
Is threatened.
Grey skies
And heavy rains,
Battering wind
And delayed retributions
And always…
The mystery of love.

Complex, deep,
Intertwined with the
Tragedy of our
Human condition,
With the joys
Of our keen hearts.

Anyone with a torch
Leaves a trail that leads
To Him,

Soon the armies of darkness
Will look a for a way to shut
It all out!

But two hearts hand in
Hand shed no tears,
For departure
Is freedom
And loving from far,

Much better than colliding
In proximity.

Respect requires
Reality requires questioning
And changing the rules.

This reality needs that.

And one day, the lambs
Will rise and will turn
Into lions.

But shhh, it’s a secret,
Great things ahead
When more of the truth
Will come out…


K. B


All rights reserved. 2020.