Lost cause – K. B

Lost cause

Whatever good you do,
They complain.
Whatever bliss you bring,
They fight it.
Whatever kindness…
Honesty in the spotlight
Gets swallowed,
Ephemerally enjoyed
And it disappears from
They made these self loathing
Whose hearts are convertible
In money, power, grudges,
I need to master these things
Born from Hell
Living in a hell
Whose flames
Lick my candid
I stood before Jesus,
And knew he would come
In the meantime,
We spread our own words,
We shine as much as it is safely done
Coz the world needs it…
But I know a lost cause when
I see one.
Years of morbid mechanisms
And narcissic sensitivities
To put away from God’s design,
Spent a day with him
And the world is fucked
Up by these blind humans
Who don’t wish to reform
Their evil ways…


K. B


All rights reserved. 2020.