The khalifa from God – K. B

The khalifa from God



Once upon a time,
The earth was in a dreadful
We got stationed
By unbelievers,
We repressed
Our needs,
The beautiful eyes
Of a lover…

Once upon a time,
We used to admire
A branch of rosewood,
We heard some guitar
In the woods,
But as we were
Tasting happiness,
Dishonesty snuck
Behind our back
For a strike…

And here I am,
In awe before
The Lord’s wisdom
And stricken by the dreary

Our minds
Need oxygen.

Our bodies won’t
Exult because it
Is unlawful.

But that passing smile
Touched my soul..
More is to be expected
But to kneel,
Only before creation.
K. B


All rights reserved. 2020.