Binti bladi (girl from my home country) – K. B

Binti bladi (girl from my home country)


Tanned skin,
A wide smile
Like a princess.

Everything around
You is enchanted
By youth.

Bracelets around
Your ankles when you
Dance in the sand
Bare foot with
Black shining hair
And piercing eyes
Made to leave kings
In agony….

The charm of life
Emanates from you
Like a radiant sun,
Like thousands
Of diamonds
Or pearls from the sea..

A word, a gesture,
A balancing of your neck,
Lying next to you
Is like a dream come true,
A dream from the after life.

Binti bladi,
The joys of our people
Reach paroxysm in parties,
Derbouka thumping
And whistles blowing
And luminous evenings
To the sound of the oud
And laughs and dancing
And drinks,

And parents watching
And hushed rendez vous
In dark alleys and dark corners
Feeling you wuthering with
Desire that I taste on your hot
Lips in these summer nights.

Bros are drinking in the parking lot,
Old cheikhs are wearing a headscarf
And white robes with the long white
Beards of the wise.

Those days are not gone,
They still live in me.
Mom is laughing with her five
Sisters, Dad is sleeping next
To his in-laws,
Children hit cats with stones
And the heat, the heat…
From our heart and from
The sun,
A furnace of joy.



K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.