Vision of love vs the free wicked

Vision of love vs the Free and wicked



The wickedness
Is unleashed,
Divide the people
And conquer
The lonely!

A hammer
Liftet by water,
Poets are surfing
On the moonlit tide.

Defining a moment
In a brush of paint,
Riding the storm
And having fun,
Colors of joy
And seeds of fortune,
Defining myself with every
Passing second
The free wickedness
Falling from the sky
In slime and shit,
Showers of piss
Made for SM,
Love and torture,
Dark eyes,
And the hooves
Of revolt
In my mind,
Until enmity
Goes away…

O ye, little darling,
I can feel your breath
Next to me,
You are scared
By the rain
And the midnight
At midnight
Who at least
Have a sense of celebration…

Incense and bosoms,
The cold lucidity strikes
In a flash
And takes the remnants
Of the ashes from the fire..

Against the rich and powerful,
I stand proud as you can see,
I refused the door to their
Golden cage and Godly constaints,
Retaining and restraining a joyful
Piss in the woods
Just because the spirits are

Visiting places of delight at night,
Where the moaning is strong
And fear absent,
Only to be caressed
By the loving hand
Of a mother pale
With exhaustion…

O warm hand!
Of which I know every
Meander and textures,
Reviving my deepest
Emotions in no pointless

I can see the way
In this worthless
World towards
My unattainable
Supreme good
For which I aim!



K. B


All rights reserved. 2020.