Note : Your blogs

So far, I’ve seen a lot of excellent blogs. Naturally, I first check those of my subscribers and the daily likes of my poetry. I’m impressed by the writing quality I encounter, some consider blogging as belittling for literature, the hell with them! I’ve published two novels and my experience so far of the publishing world has good points, others not. Let me explain myself. The distribution is great but it ain’t a myth, publishers run after best sellers and money mainly. They have a passion for literature, but their methods aren’t rosy. My advice, if your work ever gets accepted, check your contract with a lawyer and don’t sign anything in the heat and happiness of the moment.

The best literature I encountered is here, so keep up writing. The big selling authors often deceive me, many of them are reckless business men, and as always, there are some good too.

My pleasure remains poetry. I had to reassure everyone and get published, if it was up to me only, I’ll keep wandering in the woods and bring pearls back, just for the beauty of it.

Keep up with writing you all, I like to read you!

K. B.