Governments – K. B




They steal,
They murder,
White collars
Ain’t clean.
They smile,
Enjoy life
And seem
But in their hearts
Dwells a poison,
The potion of bureaucracy
With a serial number for each
Yes, blood is stuck in their
Heads while the soul is buried
And the bodies don’t exult.
A shark teethed ambition
Covers their being,
The fire we lit up
Was almost lost.
We sat together
In osmosis
And the heart still calls
For you, brothers.
God is witness,
Are killing the people
And the earth,
Criminals of that sort
Should be sweeping the
Floor with their bodies.
They made a system
Of competition,
Of the adversarial type.
I don’t feel solidarity
With their endeavours,
May they be cursed,
They have gone
Beyond God’s limits.
As for my fellow « believers »,
They have no substance
In their rituals.
The same dead eyes meet mine,
The same extinguished look
And empty bodies where no soul
And they claim to be the righteous!
And they treat us like marginals!
And they put on suits to go kill
Their brothers.
An ounce of spirit is damned
In the fountain of discord,
May Allah be my witness
That they disagreed
After they were given
Evidence of Cosmos
And Love.
The mind conditioner
Is sold in supermakets
While ads are a promise
Of happiness you can
Purchase, how stupid!



K. B


All rights reserved.2020.