Note : On the challenges of poetry – K. B

On the challenges of poetry



In a cold world. Aspetisised. Hostile. Adversarial. Competitive. Agressive. Wicked, interested.
In a mad world, lost common sense.
Nagging, killing beauty and intellect.
Ego narcissic, glory to the self only.
Regulated by laws and police enforcement.
Enslaved to strange methods at work,
Aiming productivity at any cost.
The cost is often human.
Feelings and colors lost..
Low wages, high unemployment,
A lot of energy in the jaws of Moloch.

When poetry is offered to someone,
All I can wish is that I make good use of it.

There is always a reward for anyone
Just. It is often joy.

Not anyone succeeds.
My thoughts go to the fallen.

K. B


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