Dark side of the earth – K. B

Dark side of the earth



A shoe missing,
My smile has gone
Missing too.

A penny or two,
Dragging myself
Through the streets,
Angry kids and
Empty fixes on the ground.

No roads,
No water,
No schools.

The State left.

Remains only
A State of mind
That we inherit,
Our only legacy.

Days of hunger
And warm weather
With no air conditioning,
But a treasure in the heart,
As in loving shit.

No love,
And brutality,
Sounds of moaning,

Bad kitties,
Bad cities,
And disease.

1% possesses everything,
The 99 % left is the dark side
Of the earth,
But the show must go on.

A citizen is lethal,
He gave up on his freedom
For the State,
In exchange, his fear of chaos
Is appeased.

Dear citizen,
You made a pact,
A social contract
In exchange of which
You have so called
Rights and duties.

But rights are being trampled everyday
And only crumbs
Fall to the ground for you.

Look around,
The social link is weak,
People are on mute,
They make a big case
Of themselves,
But they don’t speak.

And look, these areas
Are abandoned.

Look, you have
Become pallid.

You lost your soul,
You lost your true self,
Your humanity is deeply
Buried coz the show must
Go on,
Their show bigger than any :
Medias, gossips, tabloids.

You are not alive,
Merely on a procuration.

You haven’t visited those
Gardens where they party
When you fill your belly
With water to not feel
The hunger.

And one day,
Fanatics came
Around your door
And they enroled you,
And you became
A goat hurdled with
Explosives, far right,
Religious, or simply put :

You lost it all.

Take off the state,
Don’t enrich him.

You haven’t visited
Those palaces
Where they laugh
At you while comparing
Their expensive watches
Or their car keys,
Drowning in white
Powder while your kid
Is waiting for an illusory
Dinner, or a new piece of clothing,
Or vacations at sea.

Our communties can manage
Themselves by themselves.
Money will still be running.
No chief, only us and the knowledgable
The ones who proved in facts
They they can be trusted and followed.
The ones who work on earning it

Forget the leaflets that crowd
Your mail box and the beautiful
Photoshopped faces,




K. B


All rights reserved. 2020.