Back to basics : collective nevrosis – K. B

Nietzschean ubermensch or.. Back to the start! 😀



Collective nevrosis


Depressive, they are!
Maniac till torture!
Yes, they are!
They are missing the point.
Collective nevrosis means
Worries that do not stop
And infects the mind.

On the other side of the river,
There is the revolution of pleasure.
Pink flowers, a smell of warm bread
And coffee to breed ideas together.
Open minded people
And love in every branch,
In every field.
There are no snakes,
A guarded garden of Eden
Whose rays sometimes pierce
The greyness.

The qur’an promises fruits,
That grow with rain,
Money and children,
And wives,

I hope they are right!

They sure must be.
May Allah give me patience
And let me conquer
This world,

Far from all the nevrosed.


K. B


All rights reserved. 2020.