Divergent interest – K. B

Divergent interest



How long will peace hold
Between different beliefs?
It is brave to see a buddhist,
Gather with alterity.
It is hard not to give up
On the well intentioned
But led astray,
To live this constant wound
Of being a muslim who lives
With muslims and befriends
A man other than muslim.
I can feel all too well their
And it is even braver
To write poetry,
To expose myself
But I was born among
You know how this sour soup
Gets at me sometimes, but then
We’re stronger,
Keeping stuff away from home
In the belief of the righteous.
Of course, there are the fucked up
People whatever you do,
Wipe and start again.
But when one sees a glimmering hope
In someone, i cannot turn away.



K. B


All rights reserved. 2020.