And if I live one more day – K. B

And If I live one more day


And if I live one more day,
It would be to see your smile,
Your love enveloping me
In tenderness.

My mind is tired
Of war and danger,
You had those cheeks
Red with heat
And those lips.

We were no association
To procreate
We were a union
Of love for love
In our bubble
With no interruptions.

Now I’m sick
And I will crack open.
You opened my heart
And now acid rains reign.

I thought the Lord would give
Me grace,
But it all shatters and its all rough,
I have no impact on my life
Not a moment for me
And once good things
Appear, madness comes
Were we so different from
Common people?

I miss the eternity
Of your embrace.

Rain is falling
And I’m devastated
By war, and hate,
And grudges.

My garden is under
The one that lives in my heart
Where the sun always shines.

My spirit is growing dim
And I don’t see the end
Of it.

The night brings no comfort,
The day is sad,
And the constant battle raging
Inside is barren.
Nothing grows on that.

One more day, to see you kneeling,
That’s for the hoe.

One more day to read poetry to you,
That’s for the one.

One more day to contemplate
The magic of the rippling sun
On your hair,

The condensated water in your eyes

On which I could draw a heart pierced
With an arrow like the first time I saw you
And that activated aura in my presence
emanating like a tide from us..

One more day to reach out to you,
You know how our daily cops
Fight love!

One more day, says Jagger,
Lager, in das feld

One more day,
To carry you around
With the energy you

One more day to rock
You to sleep
And feel the night moisturize
On your lips,

Eruption in sight!
Eruption of my longings
And desires when most
Resign in daily chores,
I can feel thunder
Around me,
You hoe, kneel !
You one, let’s fly !
This ain’t no trip
To the moon
In some ball room shit
And a lot of whiskey!
K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.