The temple – K. B

The temple



Doors ajar,
Enter, go out,
Let the snakes in
For this pure kid.

Days of phony phone,
No intimity for the writer
But for the doctor bro, hell yeah
He is rich, respectable.

No charity,
Teeth hurt
And clenched fist
While asleep,
How long will this mascarade last?

Not to mention the loony
Neighboor with a window
Open as threat,
Deep throat Ma
And long neck Pa,
All to the purifying fire
Nagging at my sleep,
The splendor is far
And yet I shine
Midst the indifference.

I need to give some hammer
To the anvil of stubborness.

Fucking distractors eating me
Alive thinking they have all rights
On me,
As if born from a hobo and a hoe!

But, caviar for the doctor, and a
Car to Lend as well as a credit
The worm started at the little
Finger and ate up the whole arm!

But of course, they take great pleasure
In interrupting the flow of light!

The force is strong with me,
It never leaves but always subdued
In this world of darkness!

And they slither!

I was born in a nest of snakes
We call society!

K. B


All rights reserved. 2020.