Beautiful hypocrisy

Beautiful hypocrisy

The hypocrits stood under my window,
Bloody atheists!
They were conspiring around the fire
And I overheard them,
Talking trash about the people they dislike
Including me,
And it hurts, and it hurts.

There they are, the glory of our civilization
In their very narrow minds.

I answered to each of their insults
In this kabbale of darkness
And light :
My heart was exposed
And the light shone that day,
Brighter than ever!

Of course, in their demonized
And alcoholic darkness,
They thought it was a neighboor
But it was the very person they were
Talking trash about, me!

It was cold and I was shivering
With exhaustion in the lonely night.

I am fed up of people and intrigues,
Here is a pamphlet against the lustrous
Looks that hide snakes and dishonest people.

Allah took me there to see by myself
What they truly think, from now on,
I will be home instead of SPENDING
My energy for lousy losers with no faith
And a well sunk self importance and arrogance,

May the lambs turn to lions
And the humble in his bubble

Against all odds!

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.