Never forgiving this world

Never forgiving this world

Never forgiving this world
Coz the biggest responsibility lies
On those who are well off.

I won’t talk about misery or horror,
Or expose the poor to appeal to a sense
Of charity.

They are beautiful in their endeavor
But you, who is well off and pursue your
Own pleasures, locked in by the so called
Rules of the market, yes, you who prosper,
Didn’t you forget something in your sky scraper from where you rule the world?

And you, left wing democrat, didn’t you hear the screams from the ghettos? Any kind of ghetto!

Endowed with a wholy mission to Produce and Survive, you live like an animal.

This world doesn’t forgive, it is hard hitting and blunt, besides my blunt from which I puff and contemplate the ignominy because beauty always listens at the door of justice.

Ain’t no rest nor pleasures, too late to buy a wretched soul back. That’s when you first put the steel in the flesh of our sons, and tears in the eyes of the mothers, and grief in the heart of brothers, you supreme triangular eye.

Ain’t no forgiveness for you. My mind is in ecstasy and under no influence. As you rot every second of my life, accusing me of madness and illness, i have my true sense of purpose and my own design inspired by the heavens and the restless wind…

The evening star whispers to me hushed words of love and bright tenderness, and despite your attempts to weaken me, my pen is alive and I’m earning my commission motherfucker.

Like a hound in the streets, I go after the well off to smell the ladies chic perfume and stare at the face of men to see what they are made of, often brutality.

I seen smiles too, but in the lower neighboorhoods, not here.

I’ve heard laughter, but not here.
I’ve read about the State,
And the laws.
Rubbish, non sense.
The human heart is alienated
In an illusion,
I fear judgment day.
Allah is watching
And so this is my reward,
Nights full of conscience
And days filled with
Running after Bill’s.

My wings spread
And the seed deep in the soil
Opens like a flower.
The muddy streets stink
And I sink in sexual rêveries
Full of sins.

I repent with a dose
Of coke and light cigarettes
To cure my sadness
And not fall into madness.

The olympians are ruling,
The unstoppable sport
Beer-drinking people,
How long will the truth
Be strangled by power
And lies?,
I ask
But I know,
Until a new world order
Rises, this time
With the FallingRockers
And the shielded Roths
Governing us.

Districts of poverty,
No need for a middle class,
Already disappearing.
Just gold and diamonds
To be dug with Donald Duck
As a head of State,
Where is it all tucked,
I mean the money of course,
Coz you think that your course
You conduct
But you are far from the source.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.