Sadness and lack of affection

Sadness and lack of affection

Ripped off!
With each passing day,
Bits of my soul scatter.

Warm coffee at the bookshop
Alone in my corner,
Seering love was my lot!

A continuous affection
Feeding my books,
Not a line, o shivering hand!

Living in God’s decree
Who spoke about relationships,
We the disherited
Are waiting for times
Of prosperity
And charity
Because we have been
Gardens of embroidered
Gold and warm wind
Blowing in eternity.

O people, this quest is dear
To me
And this venture is all that matters.

The snaky women are away,
May this blessing last
Where only the Lord
Bows near my cradle
While I’m indulging myself
To warm nights at your side.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.