N. I. G. G. A (Never ignorant)

N. I. G. G. A ( Never Ignorant)

We’re downtown,
The poetry is flowing.

Lucid statements
Upon the crumbling world,
Nah, ain’t keeping it for myself.

If I don’t suffer,
I am enjoying.

Same cycles all over again,
People dying and season’s

Keeping style for myself,
Shining in a corner,
Just come over,
Take a shot at me.

Ain’t losing
My mind,
Spreading love
And fraternity with
The same ache.

Caught up
Red handed
With a black tail
Walking on tails
And noses and toes
And tales,

Find the flow,
Throw a brick
In the window
So people breathe.

Down to the ground,
We’re burning the motherfucker
Before going to a party.

I seen the soldiers of stress,
What a mess
Sitting on the doc that i’m
Keeping at bay,

Laughter’s an issue!

Busy world and busy lives,
Ain’t no champagne
Just mom and dad
That I ain’t leaving :

Way too old
To stay alone,
Hey bro
Throw some dollars in
So I can keep this house moving!

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.