Doing good has become subversive.
Lean a hand, it falls back on your back,

Tons of stones to carry
And a beautiful reward.

Give a blessing away
And you’ll be joyful.

Then, at night,
When you lay down,
Darkness closes in
And demons start to hit,
Head caught up
And shoulders twitching
Until you cry from pain.

Yeah, that’s why we all turned bad,
It’s cheaper and easier to carry!

Why ask myself questions
When a beer makes me dizzy?

We are the diet generation, most
Of us, as nutritive
As a machine sandwich
But man I went down
For the rocks
In the ocean!

That’s it :
Tell the truth,
You’re bad.
Give charity,
You are suspiciously
A good person.
If you fuck in the butt,
You are fun,
If you cheat,
You’re cool
And charming,
If you don’t show mercy,
You earn respect.

Blue screen eyes!
But a burning heart

Here, I let it out.
Run, my heart!

K. B

All rights reserved.2020.