Sad and serene

Sad and serene

I dreamt of a country
Of peace all day long,
Beautiful faces illuminated
By faith.

I dreamt of a country
Where I’m free to
Practice my faith,
Where the word
« Salam » is repeated
In every corner.

Where humans do
Not quarel,
And don’t feel nervous
By claiming so called rights.

There was a time
With no laws,
Only the slow passing
Of seasons,
Food and water everywhere.
A time when the Sons of Adam
Were free to walk on earth
With no borders and no passports.

I miss that time,
It is written in my DNA
And reminiscences flood
My mind.

We were free.
The rest is the history we
Were taught.

I miss that time,
Wild strawberries
And fresh streams.
I miss that time,
Rain and storms,
Sleeping in caves,
Rekindling the fire,
And being constantly humble.
I look at corporate jerks
And I see losers and human

I miss that time.
We had a spirit.
We are jerkified
Under the assault
Of ads and performance.
Our hearts race,
Our minds are a mess
Of violence and anger.
May the Lord hear my prayer,
And may it be that I open my
Eyes on a different world
Tomorrow, if it ever comes.

K. B

All rights reserved.2020.


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