A world of money

A world of money

The focused lawyer,
The liberal doctor,
The engineer,
God I’m strangled
By sheep!

God, there must be justice,
The world of money stays away
From me!

Take your banknotes
And take your coins,

You thought I could be bought!

You thought you could harass me
With dogma!

That day won’t come
Coz we carry a flame
In all dignity,
A cloak of invisibility
Full of joy and love
And emotions,
And passion.

God is blinding you,
You turn around me
But you won’t get me!

Yes, when I sit outside,
The world starts to revolve,
And your blunt incredulous
Eyes are lost,
Your software is rotten!

Cut the leaves!

Go to hell,
We won’t shut it down.
You, who leave your window open
At all hours,
Gives us some rest
In your productivist

You offer nor food
Nor friendship,
Only a benefited legal

You haven’t known life
And I’m in love with love

Hide the smirk and pray,
Coz the candles are lit
For the world you are destroying!

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.